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This week on The Arts Show


Tamsin Nugent

‘The Arts Show’ goes LIVE Friday the 14th of February at 12pm-2pm. Listen in via podcast on the ‘Music- Listen Live Now’ and stream it from your computer.

Some people are having difficulty accessing the site during the show. For this reason, podcasts will be available on my web site from next week. Further details to  come.

This weeks guests include…

Tamsin Nugent, Steven Asquith and James Makin

In 2013 Tamsin set up The Art Recruiter with Maree Di Pasquale.  The Art Recruiter offers specialist recruitment and HR services for the cultural sector across the Asia Pacific and Middle East.  It was founded as a result of their own experience in the industry and the identification of a need for these services in these regions and is designed to increase efficiency, recognise talent and maintain integrity in the industry.

Tamsin joins us to talk us through the journey that has lead her to become a leader in the art
recruitment business. For more information on The Art Recruiter click on the image above or go to-

Steven Asquith

Asquith’s latest body of work embraces the contradictions of an optimistic apocalypse in response to recent global socio-economic, political events and our post-internet, 24-hour news cycle society. This dissonance is evoked by a contrast between clean lines and the rougher touch of an imprecisely wielded can of spray paint. Brushstroke interventions and grid systems are used to articulate the reckoning of contemporary issues of surveillance, drone strikes, environmental degradation and economic regression. Asquith’s gestures are decisive, precise in their chaos and inexact in their measurements, colourfully hopeful in their visions of doom.

Steven joins us to talk about his latest body of work. Details on the exhibition are as follows-



Utopian Slumps is pleased to announce the opening of Midnight Drone Lullaby by represented artist Steven Asquith on Saturday 15 February 2014.

James Makin

James Makin has over 12 years professional experience in the Art-world, James Makin Gallery was established in 2006, Promoting excellence and innovation in contemporary art, holding diverse and exciting exhibitions, events, and forums to create opportunities for collectors and investors to meet with artists for discussion. The gallery holds between 10-16 curated exhibitions per year as well as attending domestic and international art fairs. Mostly recently, Art Stage Singapore, 2014 and the forthcoming Art14London, from February 28^th –March 2^nd 2014.

James joins us to talk about his future plans for the gallery and his 2014 exhibition timetable.

For more information on James go to-