The Arts Show with Alex McCulloch- Guests include Lisa Roet and Julia Mihai

This week on The Arts Show Alex McCulloch chats with acclaimed artist Lisa Roet and Project Manager of Wonderment Walk Victoria Julia Mihai.

“By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans” – United Nations (Feb 2017)

Wonderment Walk has curated two O Initiative fountains in The District Docklands. As part of the $150 million redevelopment of the centre, The District Docklands has committed to an engagement program with local community and artists through a variety of initiatives. One of these initiatives has been to work with Wonderment Walk and the O Initiative to launch two water refilling stations in order to help reduce the 118,000 tonnes of plastic drink bottles purchased in Australia each year. The centre hopes that visitors will be encouraged to refill their own water bottles rather than purchasing one-use plastic.

“Each fountain serves as a focal point in the public spaces where it is located and can create a sense of community. From basic watering holes to opulent Renaissance city fountains, right through to modern day water coolers, water sources have always played an integral part of public meeting places, in contrast to traditional, sterile, uninviting metal drinking fountains” – Gretha Oost, Founder, The O Initiative