The Arts Show with Alex McCulloch- Guests Cameron Macqueen, Sharon Orbell & Ede Horton

This week on The Arts Show Alex McCulloch Cameron McQueen and Sharon Orbell from ArtChain Global & Melbourne Sculptor Ede Horton.

The Australian art industry will be revolutionised with the launch of ArtChain Global, a digital platform leveraging secure blockchain technology to authenticate and trade art.
As a first in Australia, the platform will utilise the underlying technology of blockchain to support the registration and trade of art assets.

It will be built by Swinburne University of Technology who are the official research and development partner of ArtChain Global.

Ede Horton’s current work focuses on people who are part of her world, and our community. Over a period of three years Horton has created a body of work that speaks about ordinary people who do extraordinary work in our community and other individuals who may do so in the future.