New works available by Datsun Tran

New works by Datsun Tran

Please find below a selection of available works by Melbourne artist Datsun Tran. For more information on the artist or to arrange a veiwing call Alex- 0414 300 054

Artists Statement

My art is influenced by every facet of my life. Just as I have worked in many creative fields, my art is a product of what I see, the music I listen to, the books I read and what I learn.

I started making my birds as an object I could stick up in the streets and alleys in busy cities around the world. I wanted to give people little unexpected surprises, something that would get their attention and make them smile. The bird is such a strong symbol, it has a transcendent quality that lifts people from their lower self to their higher self, from material world to the spiritual world.

I’m asked quite often whether the pieces are sculptures or paintings. I don’t feel the need to say that they are one or the other. Much like actual birds, existing in both spheres of land and air, they exist somewhere in between, or both.’

Rebecca Hossack

Datsun Tran’s work has a magical quality because you can’t seem to tell how the images have appeared, it is as though they have been breathed into life.

When we first showed him at the prestigious Chicago International Art Fair the audience had never seen anything like it. Although Datsun’s tiny paintings were hanging in the same auditorium as giant Warhol’s, Lichtenstein’s, and Picasso’s, they had a quiet stillness and confidence that made them one of the delights and highlights of the fair. In fact, it was a sell out. The same reaction greeted Datsun’s beautiful flock of birds when they were shown in New York a few months later.

It is rare to find a young artist who has created something so totally original and so totally delightful, and so totally skillful.

We also look forward to showing him at the Autumn round of international art fairs where we are confident the reaction will be the same.

Rebecca Hossack
Gallery Director

David Bromley

Datsun Tran’s ability to blend his immense knowledge and interest in virtually everything from music, cars, lock picking to doomsday prepping and translate it into a piece of artwork that is sensitive yet punchy is something that I relish in his work.

Evolving from his drizzles of spray paint on canvas to delicate, defined works on old book covers through to beautiful animated birds and animals in motion, Datsun works on the premise that everything is self investigative, a reflection of him and the things he surrounds himself in.

Having known Datsun for over 10 years, I am still perplexed by how to describe this talented artist, and the main reason for this is he carries himself with such gentle humility and he’s such a self contained, self reliant individual – no artistic pretensions, actually no pretensions full stop. But watch out, underneath beats the heart of a lion, man can he work, commit, challenge and educate himself. Underneath that mild exterior beats the drum and really has it’s own rhythm.

David Bromley